Saikiran Datta

Began his artistic pursuit very early expressing in caricatures and portraits. He developed his own technique of representing heritage buildings in black ink and watercolours giving a colourful dimension to his works from different angels and perspectives. Saikiran Datta's artistic career has had the following course:

1990: Organized his first solo caricature exhibition in New Delhi when he was only 13 years of age.
1991: Participated in an international exhibition with his caricatures and illustrations of the Gulf War at the Portuguese Cultural Centre of the Portuguese Embassy in New Delhi, alongside renowned artists like Mário Miranda.
1994: Organized his second solo exhibition in New Delhi, while still a school student, representing portraits of international figures, which earned him merit from the School Board of Directors. 
1994-95: Responsible for the artistic section of the school magazine. 
1994: Represented his school in an inter-school art competition. 
1995: Completed 12th standard with Painting as a major subject where he obtained 17 marks. 
1995: Admitted to the ARCA: School of Arts in Coimbra. 
1995: Contributed with his illustrations to the Coimbra University newspaper "A Cabra".
1995-1997: Contributed with his illustrations to an Indian daily newspaper, along with his articles.
1998: Participated in an exhibition in Óbidos with his watercolours. 
1998: Organized a solo exhibition on the beach resort of Praia d'El Rei, Óbidos. 
2000: Organized another solo exhibition with his watercolours inside Óbidos Castle Inn (Pousada de Castelo). 
2001: Graduated as a teacher in Visual and Technological Education. 
2006-2007: Contributed with his illustrations to a regional newspaper the Gazeta Das Caldas, along with his opinion articles. 
2008: Completed Master's degree in Museology and Cultural heritage, at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra, where he defended the importance of art education as part of a semester paper.
2015: Organized a solo exhibition of his watercolours and sketches related to Portuguese heritage in Alcobaça Municipal Library under the heading Heritage 20: A Colourful Journey, which was a collection of heritage related art works gathered over a period of 20 years.