Sonia Balão

Sonia Balão was born in Leiria in 1976, after her parents returned to Portugal during the Angola war. Graduate in Teaching (Visual and Technological Education at ESEL - Caldas da Rainha, 1996-2000), she has participated in various art exhibitions in Portugal. Sonia makes portraits in colour pencil, graphite and dry pastel. She has made various artistic works including painting, drawing and illustration (postcards, scenery design and execution for school festivities, involvement in art education works such as origami, costume, jewellery, mosaic, etc.). Her exhibitions include:

 2000 - Collective painting exhibition in the presentation of the work "TIMOR" in the subject of Fine Arts at ESEL - Caldas da Rainha. In that same year she was the winner of the competition for the Christmas postcard that represented the school.
• 2006 - Collective exhibition at Escola E.B. 2,3 Father Alberto Neto.
• 2009 and 2010 - Participation in the permanent exhibition of artists of the Municipality of Albufeira, in the Municipal Gallery of Albufeira.
• 2008 and 2011 - Participation in the Festival of AL-BUHERA with Paintings, jewelry, accessories and face paintings.
• 2015 - Winner of the 2nd prize of the artistic contest "Hans Christian Andersen ... The Boy Who Wanted to Be an Actor, Singer, Dancer".
• 2015 - Participation in the VIII Biennial of Plastic Arts of Santa Catarina da Serra, which took place in the Municipal Library of Leiria.
• 2015 - Participation in the Pingo Doce Illustration contest;
• 2016 - Participation in the Exhibition "Colors and Forms of Our Artists", from August 12th  to September 17th at the Albufeia Municipal Gallery.
• 2016 - Participation in the contest "Lisbon Sardinhas";
• 2016 - Participation with an Illustration for the Ajudaris Project: "Histórias da Ajudaris'16" solidary book launched in October;
• 2017 - Collective Exhibition of Artists from Albufeira - Pintor Samora Barros Art Gallery July 27th  to August 28th;
• 2018 - Individual Exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery João Bailote from April 6th  to May 19th.